Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Happy Earth Day!


This Earthday we'd like to celebrate the growing arm of green consciousness, which has surprised many with its infectious reach, and the successful reintroduction of natural consciousness to a world society in dire need of reconnection with roots.

For valuable Earthday activities consider the value of seed bombing (mud and heirloom/organic/Non-GMO seed balls made for throwing in vacant lots), reducing your plastic usage (cloth totes are much less expensive- Shampoo bars are fun and environmentally ethical, etc), and taking steps to ease oneself a bit more off-grid (Window gardens and Compost toilets make it easier).

Ultraviolet Underground hopes you'll enjoy the following links below, and additional intel in Purple Magazine's Issue 7, currently en route (available Friday).

Shine bright greenies *_^

Offgrid gems:

Not so into digging into soil with a window garden?'s hydroponic indoor garden grows fresh veggies
and items of your choice at home, with ease.

Guerilla gardening seed bombs

Don't feel like making mudballs? Supplement your innerchild another way, and invest in LuckyMonkey's (etsy) pre-made seedballs, then cast them into abandoned and vacant lots for necessary greening in your environment.

Make the most of offgrid efforts with a composting toilet.
Whether you choose a waterless or water-based model,
the energy saved, and value to nature/gardens is incredible.
They're also much less expensive than you might think.
Visit for more information.

Shampoo bars are fun, get the job done in an environmentally ethical fashion,
and aren't nearly as expensive as you might think. Visit etsy's selection of vegan soapers for options currently available to you.

Go veg.
Meat and dairy production contribute to much pollution of the ground water we and our animal friends need to survive, because the meat/dairy industry over-produces animals that wouldn't be here in those numbers otherwise whose waste is a problem for the environment, and whose methane contributes to off the charts carbon emissions (more than all of our cars combined).
Most importantly though, the cruel practices used in the meat and dairy --- industry that most don't know about--- are soulless, and shouldn't receive support from anyone. More information at (watch the video, but not with extra little ones in the room, it's that bad).


a.eye said...

Happy Earth Day!!

Great ideas.

And I, too, am thankful to "celebrate the growing arm of green consciousness". It is really great seeing so many people and companies getting involved in trying to save this Earth.

PurpleZoe said...

Peace Sistar!

Thx for stopping through.
Isn't it amazing how quickly consciousness has risen?
It can only bode for extraordinary times ahead.

Shine bright