Monday, April 20, 2009

The Books of Zambarau- Maji Omnibus Excerpt 2

*_^ (cont'd)

“It says here, you have to train your thought form by teaching it the
ways of the world as you know it...,”
Simon’s cocoa-moss irises locked intently with the book, his
fingers leaving smudges of dirt from the forest ground, on the yellowed
Mial pouted to herself, and rested her head on her palm.
“I think this will be more work than we’re going to like. He won’t
even eat or sleep. All he does is sit and stare out the window.”
She stopped to see if Simon was paying attention. It felt like she
was talking to herself again. Judging by his expression, she was.
“And there’s glitter everywhere... My parents aren’t buying the
excuse that I‘m making crafts. They can tell when I’m lying.”
Exasperation escaped her with a low groan.
“You’re just tired. If you follow the book to the letter, this’ll be a
cinch. It can be important to the balance, like you hoped. You just have
to hang in there.”
Simon offered a brief sympathetic glance, and returned his
attention to the book.

“This is why he wouldn't eat! You didn’t fill out what he eats...
But you did fill out that he’s supposed to be available all the time...
Everything needs rest Mial. You should fix that.”
Mial's expression fell, and a corkscrew curl waterfall fell to her
face, in synchronous drama. How could she forget such a crucial detail?
Simon was right. Everything needs rest. She’d go back to the drawing
board and make sure she was being fair to Sumoon, when she could
think more clearly.
“We’ve got school in an hour, and I don’t know about you, but my
parents’ll be knocking on my door in like ten minutes.”
Simon pushed the silver spectacles that exaggerated the size of his
eyes, farther up the bridge of his nose, and rose from the hard wood
floor, with audible relief.
“Yeah... We’ll call it a night. I don’t know how I’m getting
through school today.”
Mial rose from her Eastern-style crouch on the floor, reaching to
take the book from Simon’s hands.
“I’ll do some more reading in study hall.”
Simon tensed releasing the book, visibly forcing himself to relax.
“Be careful with this Mial. This isn’t information that should ever
fall into the wrong hands.”

Mial’s eyes narrowed, and she frowned.
“I know Simon. I forgot a few details. It doesn’t make me a
complete fool.”
They made their way from the Green house then, beyond the
thicket that separated fantasy from reality, creeping stealthily back to
their rooms. Mial by climbing a tree quietly as she could manage,
leading up to her window. Simon by gingerly opening the basement
door, and creeping to his room wall by wall, until the coast was
certainly clear, and he could slip into his room, unseen.

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