Sunday, April 5, 2009

Milk Plus Meets Winston's Zen Consciousness

The force that is Milk Plus enjoyed a digital chat with the zen consciousness of Winston recently. Click the read more link to read the full interview.

Q: What’s the least accurate description of your music that you’ve ever seen or heard in the media?
A: The least accurate description of our music that I have read or heard was in a well known indie magazine. I recall that they said that we sounded like Whitesnake and The Darkness, I’m not gonna mention which magazine it was, because I think it’s one that people could do without and I wouldn’t want to give it free publicity either. Hopefully the recession will get them.

Q: Set the record straight. How should journalists be describing Milk Plus?
A: That’s always a tough one, I think it should go something like this... ”Afro Punk vanguards that tell a beautiful and brutal truth through their music, raw and infectious.”

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