Friday, July 17, 2009

Liberator interviews Valerie Caesar

Valerie Caesar infuses life into the everyday, reveals the magik in self-love, and reminds our eyes of the enchantments overlooked in the kaliedoscope norms we take for granted. Danielle of Liberator conducted a meaningful email interview with her that struck our purple hearts. Def click the link to read the full interview at Liberator, and continue to #countthestars greenies.

LM: What sparked your interest in art? In photography and video specifically?
VC: I can't pinpoint the exact moment in time that I became interested in art. But I have always believed in and been intrigued by magic. All forms of art are an expression of magic; that nameless and invisible ether that flows in between and through everyone and everything, and that artists seek to bring out. Photography intrigues me because a photo is reality and fantasy simultaneously: everything included in the frame actually exists in the world, but the exclusion of the rest of the world creates a new world. It's an amazing and fulfilling revelation.

LM: Why did you name your portfolio site Black Seed Photography?

VC: Black is infinitely meaningful to me. It is the best absorber of light; the hue of melanin; the color of my true love's hair; black seeds have long been regarded as a cure all, and an amazing source of energy. The definition of a seed is “that from which anything springs.” My site is called black seed photography because each image represents the ever-realized potential of human experience: like a seed, we possess, inertly, all of the components necessary for life. And like life, the expression is varied, and infinite.

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