Friday, July 24, 2009

Vegan Pancakes From Scratch *_^

Shown above: A simple no-frills cruelty-free pancake. Add fruits as desired.

Master Chef Q, revealed his culinary glow in the kitchen in recent months, to an extremely impressed Umi (Moi). On some blessedly hazy Sunday mornings, a teenaged Q flexes his vegan culinary muscles and hooks up the house with Pancakes made from scratch. Q is an herbivore who hasn't gone all the way vegan (he really must have his cheese apparently), but graciously customizes his contributions to the house-eats to suit the diehard vegan representation present *_^ .

Enjoy a mind-bogglingly simple recipe for homemade pancakes, that are tastier, and even easier to prepare than the product sold in boxes in stores, that is passed off as convenient. Q is also the co-creator of 'Pan-panadas', empanada pastries made of filled pancakes.

Vegan pancakes are ridiculously easy to make, simpler to prepare than the one's that come in the box, and way yummier. GuruMasterChef Q. is a pancake flipping expert who discovered the beauty of both the flat pancake and the fruitfilled panpanada ( : a folded pancake w/ filling--- you can create panpandas with mushrooms and assorted greenery, onions and etc. or stick to fruit filling).

Ingredients are highlit in the directions below.

To make a small batch of vegan pancakes you will need to:

Mix 3-4 cups flour (your choice of wheat, rice or bean flour) with 1/4 cup agave or sugar, opt'l tsp of cornstarch, opt'l 1/2 tsp baking powder, opt'l tsp vanilla extract, opt'l diced fruit and enough water or rice milk (any vegan milk will work) to meet your desired consistency, usually 1 cup is adequate.

When well-mixed or blended, pour the batter into a well-oiled pan on medium-low heat and flip when the batter circle solidifies and its edges become golden. Continue on until batter is used. Usually makes about 2-3 decent size pancakes.

You can also make Johnny cakes by using less water/ veg milk and making a dough, rolling out the dough and using the mouth of a large cup to cut circles into the dough for the small cakes. Could be fun for creating easy pancake stacks.

You can use (opt'l but recommended) Earthbalance vegan butter to top the pancakes along with Pure maple syrup or topping of choice.

For panpanadas: fill the middle of a semi-cooked pancake with desired filling and fold the pancake into a half in pan, continuing to flip the halved pancake w/ filling carefully, until golden brown.

(Panpanadas (coined by Q.) are the lazy person's vegan empanada *_^
These can be filled with a number of ridonkulously good ingredients, and can even contain typical cheez calzone ingredients using Follow Your Heart Cheez- Monterey Jack flavor.
The Panpanada can be started in the pan, and finished in the oven's broiler (the area beneath the oven) if you like, or you can do it all on the burner.

Batter: Mix 4 to 5 cups of dough, with a dash of salt (or optional other seasonings), and water to desired consistency.

Set aside and carmelize sliced onions and mushrooms. Quickly sautee zuchinni or your preferred vegetable separately if you like with your chosen seasonings.

Grand nums and veddy easy.

#CountTheStars Greenies.


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