Friday, July 10, 2009

Star date: 7102009

So we're in the new spot ... and apparently we've moved out of one house of ignorance to another. It was well-hidden when we looked at the apartment and even while we moved our items in ...Seems obviously karmic [Something to learn and overcome here for certain]. I'm not a fan of this pattern, but I am determined to an off-the-charts-degree to overcome it, God-willing.

The upside is the landlord doesn't play the nonsense emerging from the "neighbors", so *fingers-crossed*. We are looking to leave the area though next July or August for reals. Enough is truly enough. If a sistah has to rent a house next, it may be the move. Who knows maybe I'll buy a fixer-upper in a peaceful area.

In good news ^_^ The library is 5 minutes away. Close enough to fulfill the book jones so I can focus the coinage on a mammoth savings meant for truly greener pastures. I'm also courting the idea of volunteering some time to put together some kind of program at the library. The Ymca is money-hungry like hell out here and the kids need options, as many parents are barely putting food on the table with current conditions.

Also good news, more Modern Mythos is en route. Details forthcoming with a possible contest for the greenies.

Posting may be a tad sporadic as I play catch up [we didn't have the internet for a minute there during the move and the email box was nightmarish to wade through *_^, etc...).

The next issue of Purple Mag is all about Dream Definition [our dreams define who we are, and how we commune]. Define your dreams in exalted symbolisms and send them our way [Submission guidelines link via the post @

High plans are in the works for the next issue. Shiny shiny plans. Modern Mythos for the underrepresented as always is especially desired for Purple issues. We thank you for the light you shine in the community.

Until next time.

#CountTheStars Meta[mind]s *_*

P.s. Apparently Twitter has restored my ability to be seen in search, along with other #tooblack microbloggers. Some say it's a glitch, others point to Twitter reserving the right to block a user without explanation [classy]. Only God and Twitter know for sure. Whatever it is, Twitter has left a permanent bad taste in my mouth and I won't use them directly for microblogging/texting any longer.
You can find me at Friendfeed or read my Friendfeed texts that auto-post onto twitter [only because I've made connections w/ people I cherish who haven't converted from Twitter to a superior microblogging platform yet *_^].

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