Thursday, November 19, 2009

Blacksheep returns with ' From the Pool of Black Genius'

Native Tongues veteran, Dres of Blacksheep has graciously announced the release of 'From The Pool Of Black Genius'.
Realizing the pain a wait for the Spring 2010 release will cause, he's decided to grace us with a 5 song EP titled 'The Pool of Black Genius; The Prelude', set to drop on December 1.

Still golden-era caliber, Dres shares '"I once heard a poet say that 'hip hop backward is 'pih poh (people)'- the way I see it, many artists are a lot more hip-hop than they ever realized. I would dare to say that any artist over time, regardless of genre, that makes music for the 'pih poh'... is hip-hop."
He adds, ' "'Black Pool' doesn’t refer to black people. It refers to the color black's unique ability to absorb light. This deep, vast pool of soul, of artistic insight; although it's not always understood, the light it reflects back to the 'pih-poh' is necessary."


No news yet ,on whether or not Mr. Lawnge lends his magik to this effort. Either way, it's good to have Dres stepping to the front line again. The force has been weak without him.

Enjoy the new album teaser vid:

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Props to Michelle for the intel.

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