Thursday, November 12, 2009

Souls of Mischief returns

After 9 long years (and much payola radio infecting the common mind with a mind-boggling surplus of nothingness), Souls of Mischief has returned with the degree of sonic art we've craved and only received in bits and pieces (mostly through our own searching off-radio). They're making their reemergence on a new album titled Montezuma's Revenge, produced by the beloved Native Tongue Prince Paul, slated for release December 1st.
Never broken up, they've participated in a number of album collaborations and shows since the release of 93 til infinity *insert heartswell* over a decade ago, and they're still glowing with the timeless laid-back Cali feel we celebrated when we were first hipped to them.

Digital Visitor Keys:
You can check the latest track, Proper Aim, via Audible treats.
Tour dates are available here.
The Heiroglyphics web dimension:

Extreme Props to Audible Treats.

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