Tuesday, November 24, 2009

More Copper Angels/Afrikan Steampunk to come in Purple Mag issues

Click to enlarge the Issue 8 Bonus page (appears in the Magcloud version-forthcoming).

Download Issue 8 gratis or purchase print for the Copper Angels Flash Novelette 'The Creaking Hand'.

There are some quality issues with the print version of issue 8 (we chose too small an issue size and later learned we could have chosen the regular size. I know... So long of a wait, and now this? Our print karma has been quite the bummer. Digital's been easeful to deliver because we don't have to depend on anyone else. Takes time to find the right fit, I guess.
It will take some time and cash to repair (there's a re-listing fee with one of the printers we're using), but the Magcloud issue forthcoming should be in better shape (this should truly be available by 12/1). Check the purplemag.com page for links around that time).

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