Monday, December 27, 2010

Am I Not Human: Veto HR2751

During what tends to be a holiday season for several cultures, a bill, attempting for the 3rd time, to make it impossible for all but those with corporate-coin level wealth to grow food, was passed on December 21st.

It would further endeavor to target organic food producers, who this bill has aimed to force to treat harvests with trace amounts of poisonous agents, under the guise of 'Food Safety'. Such a thing would render our food, inorganic. There would no longer be such a thing as truly organic food available for purchase in the US.

I wrote a bit about this last week on UU, but a drive for signatures is imperative, and requires all who are standing up to continue spreading the word and urging action. This is not the kind of bill people will want to find they regret signing 'later', when the horror can be avoided by acting now.

It's one of the most serious issues, second only to air that affects our ability to live, and raise families.
We need food to feed our children. Corporations cannot be trusted to control that. Ever. Currently HealthfreedomUSA is contuining to champion this movement, after some success somewhat softening the bill from its previous nightmarish position, but we cannot relax yet. There are hidden clauses in it that make this bill a real danger, which could have us literally starving for nothing more than the reason of corporate greed.
We're writing to Michelle Obama, a staunch advocate of organic gardening, and healthy eating for children, to relay the importance of a veto of this bill.

An elder asked me recently (mildly paraphrased): 'Don't folks think it's strange that laws were put in place to stop US farmers from growing food awhile back, so our food is imported and more expensive? The food is imported from countries the US has no legal power over. They use pesticides not even lawful in the US, now. Does that sound like food safety? And now a bill's trying to make it so everyday people can't plant seeds if they choose to grow their own food? What do folks think of that?'

What do you think of that?
Are we willing to take the chance that one day, with such a bill, the government could weave a tale about trouble with imports, and without rights to grow our own food, force us to slowly starve, and suffer in the inevitable chaos? I'm not. I'm pushing back. Are you?

Please take a minute (literally) to send your version of the digital template letter to Michelle Obama, urging her to give crucial support to a vetoing of this bill, here.

On behalf of everyone threatened or afflicted with the depravity of corporate food control/poisoning I ask:

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James J. Gormley said...

Hi, related to this, you may appreciate the following link re the so-called food safety bill. Thanks.
~James Gormley

PurpleZoe said...

Asante for the link, Sir James.
Unfortunately the President disregarded our calls for Veto in favor of his corporate friends, signing it in 1/4.
Wish more of us were paying attention.

Shine bright
Bless your speaking of truth to power.

James J. Gormley said...

Dear PurpleZoe,
Just trying to keep up the good fight---keep up your own good work and building a better today so that all of our tomorrows will be that much brighter.

PurpleZoe said...

Indeed. Perseverance is key.

Shine Bright