Wednesday, December 15, 2010

The first lightseed for Sleeping Green

Haven't checked with the almost-grown yet, but my first lightseeds for Sleeping Green begin with reflection on the impact of creativity on government-structures that seek ultimate control over our thought processes.
Children who can think outside the box, bring solutions to the world but the world, foolishly, has historically done little to support them and a disturbing much to suppress them.
It's difficult to come by federally-funded schools that truly celebrate creativity in our children, beyond structured art classes (for those schools fortunate enough to still have the funding for them), and it's evident that the media youth have been exposed to in the past decade, isn't giving much if anything of worth to draw from.
Perhaps elder creatives both self-taught and formally trained would be interested in brainstorming on how to provide tools, space, and quality content to youth--especially in under-privileged areas--that is easily accessible? Can we bring apprenticeships back, and make them more viable than gargantuan-loan requiring university degrees? Even color-in/activity sheets created by more inspired minds, could introduce youth to visual concepts that would open doors. Maybe packets or download zips and refurbished tablets provided specifically with creative-process purpose to community-centers/libraries/lounges could be pulled off? still offers free editing software of the worthy variation which can ran on Ubuntu OS and Windblows (I'm still sore about their spy-supporting open-kernel of old). Audacity can be used to achieve harmonic etherings, and there's more out there. It would be amazing to teach science through the arts. It would certainly enrich academia to consider more creative ways to impart information, and encourage skillbuilding. How can we each do more to open minds, and expose them to the serious wealth out there that would actually make the world better, rather than program it in the long-standing tradition of destroying itself?

Just seeds for now... We'll see what blooms.

*#SleepingGreen spans two holiweeks from Dec 15-New Year's day. It's a celebration of nature, its deserved rest and time of reflection, from a non-colonization influenced approach--like the holiweek Oneheart (11/23-11/30). Consumer gifts are optional, positive seeds (literal or otherwise) are mandatory. During this time positive seeds are exchanged for a salutary coming cycle, when the terra wakes. Chopping trees is forbidden--in Loomcity it's a punishable offense, though a few other areas of 3rd strand are a bit more lenient for the moment--as a celebrative act; trees are still rooted in terra if decorations or gifts are left on/for them. Story totems and group-story are celebrated as well for reflective feteing.

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