Wednesday, December 22, 2010

My Letter To Michelle Obama regarding HR 2751


I'm posting this in hopes that a mass of concerned people who are aware/aspiring to become aware, and are strong in their convictions that we must maintain the right to grow our own food in this country will do the same, and persist to stand for our rights to grow our own foods and medicines organically.
The bill HR 2751,deceptively termed the 'Food Safety' Bill, passed on December 21 under alot of our noses, but it can be vetoed, and to this end we must act immediately.
This issue is so very serious, that we must act now, and believe in the power of our voices. In a country without the freedom to grow our own food, a people are powerless to be, let alone ,raise and care for children, as such conditions would mean utter dependency to corporations that would not blink while cutting off food supplies/medicines.
This is the most important letter you may ever have to send regarding your freedom.

Please visit and adjust the pre-written template to personalize it or completely write your own sentiments and have it transmitted to the White House. Do this knowing you are doing it for the generations we've bore and those they will bear. It is truly that serious, and not a matter that can wait or be put off.

Your thoughts/intel are valued and welcomed in the comment area non-anonymously. Please share the links to your letters/posts so myself and anyone who sees them visiting the site can check for it.

We can stop this.

The adjusted template I sent:

Dear Michelle Obama,

As a citizen who has recognized your dedication to setting a healthy organic example, I am writing to ask for your intervention with the recent unfortunate passing of the Food Safety Bill, which in truth does everything but ensure food safety.
I am a concerned aspiring organic gardener, and consumer of organic products. True food safety and my protected access to local and natural food production and distribution, is vitally important.

I am very concerned that the FDA will implement the 2010 Food Safety Modernization Act in ways that will harm these important interests.

Therefore, first,please let your husband know that I urge a veto of the bill, HR.2751 -- the new Congress ought to re-consider its controversial provisions, such as section 104 that may allow secret regulations, in violation of the pledge of transparency.

Further concerns include the convoluted procedure for local food production exemptions and the "road map" the new law provides for rapid "HARMonization" of our food freedoms with international Codex Alimentarius restrictions.

Second, if this bill cannot be vetoed, I urge the White House to be very closely involved in the writing of the regulations under the new law, to ensure the protection of food freedom interests and to make sure all interest groups are heard and considered by the regulators.

Food Freedom is an important issue to me and I will pay attention to what the White House and FDA do with the new power granted by Congress.

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José said...


This is one one the things that most worries me, especially when fruit doesn't have the same scent and taste as lets say 20 years ago.
Fortunately I live in Portugal, where food is good and one can still found some decent fruit, although difficult.

Being a big country, it's natural the in the USA one will find from natural food to almost all or even all artificial.
I believe that Nature knows best and that we should not unbalance (sp?) it, or we may risk ourselves to lose the balance of human kind.

Take care,

José (Lisbon, Portugal)

PurpleZoe said...

Peace Jose'

I'm in complete agreement.
Tampering with nature has caused severe imbalances already. I'm hoping the people will wake up sooner than later and take the power back.