Saturday, February 12, 2011

Action item: Defluoridation is on the table.

There was a glimmer of excitement with the media's mention of the EPA looking into the toxicity of fluoridation in water, in January, which has either been catalytic, or acted as a harbinger of things to come, as now seen in the collection of comments for presentation to the Department of Health and Human services on 2/14.
Alot of times intel comes in late, which requires us to be ready to take action, and add our voices to petitions as the action items come. Windows of opportunity in any arena have time limits. The more prepared we are, the more we progress. The time for moaning and groaning has passed. It's definitely time to engage, and learn through action how things work. None of us know everything about every nook and cranny in the machine, but as you give your attention to a frequency/area-of-experience/matter-at-hand, you'll attract more intel/energy from that frequency. That's a universal law holding true in all arenas.
No need to be intimidated. Powermongers have used intimidation, and making things seem 'over our heads' to sneak poisonous agendas in that have literally killed people en masse, through food, direct assault, so-called medicines, suggested social disorders that are acted out in the populace by those who accept programming as reality, and so forth.

Your signature on this petition in other words will act to decrease the poisons industry has placed in the very water we we need to live. You can sign it here.

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