Saturday, February 12, 2011

URB ALTian splendor: Audiovisuals from Dearling Physique and a new tour for Lady Adu

Seeing Dearling Physique live at UA fest 2010 last year was a transcendental experience. The bold, engaging intensity of frontman Domino, strikes as an exercise in being, like one exerting and flirting with the powers of 'I AM'. As an outfit, the group is a perfect fit. Guitarist Matt Vannelli, drummer Dave Sellner, and keyboardist Sean O’Hea, come together in a complex electrical symmetry, that features as both each and all. What could be called experimentation seems instead to be the play of genius, or the telepathic journey of a fourman astralcraft bound for fire and light and watchful waters, distilled into an etheric frequency, so we may watch vicariously, and grow space wings enabling us to join.

The video for 'Discipline your hands', is a cortex-meets-sacral stimulant, the documenting of time travel through seduction, the exploration of I and we and it. Your chakras will respond:

Told you.
You can order your disc here.

Word in the underground has the etheric pirouhettes of bloom-channel Leila Adu embarking on a tour of the states, UK and Europe for a period of two months in earth time, with a satchel of sonic splendor from her new CD (<---the order portal) released on Rai Trade/Tracce. Leila's camp advises:
The “Ode to the Unknown Factory Worker" Tour which began in Los Angeles, CA, on January 28, crosses Europe in February-March (shows still being added) and climaxes with a special homecoming CD release show in London. The tour features her dark yet humorous songs speaking the language of pre-war blues, sci-fi environmentalism, immigration electronica and Bring Crosby. Leila is accompanied on drums by noted Italian electronic producer Daniele De Santis, with some dates featuring supporting artists such as Otto Fischer, Mills Projects and Dave I.D.'

Dates are as follows (more may be added):

friday january 28 @ 9:00 PM
Leila Adu with Orlando Greenhill
The Mezz Bar
501 South Spring Street

mercoledì 16 febbraio @ 22.00
Leila Adu (solo)
Circolo Caracol
via Battichiodi

giovedì 17 febbraio @ 21:30
Leila Adu with Daniele De Santis
Fanfulla 101
via Fanfulla da Lodi, 101

venderdì 18 February@22:00
Leila Adu + Accademia del Danno
Circolo Arci Lebowski
Corso Vittorio veneto 817
Italy 97100

freitag 25 februar @ 21:00
Leila Adu + Mills Projects
Lychener Str. 60, D-10437

thursday 3 march @ 8:00 PM
Leila Adu + Otto Fischer solo
The Vortex
11 Gillett Street, Dalston

The “Ode to the Unknown Factory Tour" is sponsored by URB ALT Media and Little Red Hen Publishing.

Contact: K'China Li for 4961 Polemics
twitter: urbalt

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