Sunday, February 27, 2011

The Bloom Issue is served.

Many glitches and delayers later Purple #10 (technically the 12th issuing with the two .5 issues) has manifested. This issue was frustratingly difficult to birth, but the February discoveries clue into perhaps kismet's hand being at work? Some of the extra light wasn't found until this month, and couldn't have been a part of the issuing if released earlier. There's also Murphy's Law. It had its fun, we assure you...

Issue 10 is a big un. Our biggest ever actually. Enjoy the digital issuing via: The print isn't yet available.

The Bloom issue; final in the Dream definition series extends an excerpt of the Black Faery anthology Lunewing [first in the project], Connects to Green Ukuu across diaspora, Lit recommendations for Vital diaspora, DIY fresh, a Caterpillar and Redfish excerpt, and the Cut-the-strings image editorial, to name a twinkling of the light in these green-violet pages.

Futures issues will be on a tba schedule for a time. We may return to the traditional release schedule when needed tools are more reliably available.

The next focus: is the release of the second Black Faery Antho, completing the print version of the project with both 1 and 2.

Shineth on.


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janine said...

wow! what a pleasant surprise. grateful to have been a part of this issue. bloom indeed...

janine aka inspiredsis