Tuesday, March 10, 2009

The Books of Zambarau Maji Omnibus, Vol. 1 (excerpt)


Shortly after this posted I received an unsettling email from the book manufacturer. Apparently there's a printing glitch. I am not pleased. Stay posted. I'll let it be known when the books are back in stock. In the meantime, look forward to the e-treat prepared for y'all (those of you who are new to The Books of Zambarau Maji Omnibus, as some of you have read the 2006 editions of the books within the book) tomorrow.

The Onyx lady told the Stardusters to ignite their dreamvision and be there.

Mial stumbled back, panting softly in the comfort of the bush. She was more than partially visible but it was comforting sitting beside it. Even if the comfort was illusion, it wasn’t as large as the one that stood before her.
They had done it.
...and it worked.
The fae didn’t look happy though. It seemed mean, eyeing her with stern fascination, before noticing a branch or twig snap under Simon, and redirecting its gaze to the boy.
Its skin was an illuminated baked caramel; a smooth dark brown like Mial's. Pink gossamer wings peeked from its back, flapping lazily in the wind.
“Why do you call me forth?”
His voice wasn’t frightening exactly. It was the tone that was alarming. There were no silver bells in it. It hosted no mirth, and dragged lazily, perhaps out of boredom.
Mial swallowed her racing thoughts in a gulp. Her eyes still wide were fixed on him. He was beautiful, but not what she’d expected. He had a terrifying aura. The pink wings were a mismatch, and seemed silly on such a powerful being. The phupha's purple hair was like a diversion hiding the force swirling in his crown.
...And he was so tall for a faerie. There was no way he’d fit into her pocket. This had been a mistake.

With a sigh, the pink winged fae, looked away from them, taking in the area around him with noted lack of interest. The pair watched him gauge his position, but neither interrupted.
Simon stilled his hand, ceasing to flip through their book, looking carefully to Mial who released his gaze abruptly.
When the fae’s eyes returned to them, it was all they could do to stay in their skins.
“What have you named me?”
“Sumoon.... I dubbed... I mean, I dub you Sumoon.”
It came out in a stutter, with barely a hint of confidence for one who was to be called his fashioner. Mial looked away with guilt. This wasn’t going at all how she’d pictured it.
The pink winged phupha squeezed his eyes closed for a moment, then opened them, frowning.
“...And my purpose?”
Somehow it clicked for Mial then. Recovering herself with virtue of taking responsibility for her choice, she rose from her crouched position, afro curls flaring out to the sides of her head. She tried to push the curls away from her face, but the wind won the fight.
“I...I give you the purpose of being a companion and comfort to
the lonely. You'll make beautiful what cruel eyes have made ugly.”
She swallowed, keeping her eyes on him, and approached him warily, drawn to his soft glowing skin. Her hand hesitated just at his face though, before she backed away with a blush .
“Very well.”
The lora murmured locking gaze with the grass beneath his
glittering brown feet.
Simon flipped nervously through the vine-covered book, but offered nothing. His earth toned fingers flitted here and there, not seeming to find what he searched for so frantically.
Glancing at him, Mial summoned her last bit of courage, feeling very much alone, regardless of his presence.
“Follow us, Sumoon. “
How smooth her words came out then, not betraying a hint of her fear.
“We have a place for you.”
The phupha, bowing his head, acceded and followed them,his fashioners, where they bade him go.


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six blocks east of mars said...

614 pages! You're right about that being a tome. When I get my scratch together, I plan on getting a copy.

Beautiful prose. "Illuminated baked caramel..." I love that description.

Dazjae said...

Peace Malon ^_^

It's actually something like 648 pages now with the new short I added in February. Should have been out by now... The manufacturer said the new edition was good to go, and now... they email saying there's a glitch. I'm making the e-edition of the new edition available as soon as I get it formatted for Smashwords, as not all readers can read .pdf

Thankyou for your support, and for the good vibes *_* I hope you enjoy it. I edited the hell out of it until it was smooth as butter to read.

I'm still waiting for Polluto to send the mag so I can read your story. They emailed and said it can take awhile to arrive from the UK.

Until again Sir Malon,
Shine on ^_^
-PZ a.k.a Dazjae

six blocks east of mars said...

Peace Dazjae,

Hopefully, you get your copy of Polluto soon. I got my contibutor copies about two weeks ago, and it probably took a good month for it to get to me. Definitely let me know what you think.

I'm old school when it comes to my books, so I'll wait for the hold-in-my-hand print copy. It's good that you're making the e-version available, though.

Keep doin what you're doin.