Friday, May 1, 2009

AudiovisualSplendor- Invincible, Young Nate, Paris Diamond

Apparently R&B is still alive (without auto-tune no less ^_^). Conscious Hiphop is still thriving in the underground as Invincible and Paris Diamond illustrate. Support indie culture.

Invincible f/Tiombe Lockhart - Ropes

Not to ever be slept on Invincible is an incredibly conscious emcee overflowing with lyrical skills kissed by proper hiphop beats.
Peep Emperor's Clothes and other infectious dome-blessing tracks via her Myspace profile.

Visit her online realm:

Young Nate- I Wonder

There's definitely room for clean-content purveying teen wonders with voices in a sea of weak shock-value peddling half-talents. Young Nate is medicine for youth mentality if this song displays his platform, through which he bring a soft and seriously melodious voice.

More information available on Young Nate via:

Paris Diamond- In search of /Cloud8

This is the first I'm hearing of Paris Diamond, but it won't be the last. His consciousness is definitely what we need in the underground.

Visit his digital dimension:

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