Monday, May 4, 2009

Pardon the quiet as of late

Peace Greenies * _ *

I'm still here. Pardon the sparse posting. There are goodies en route that have required my attention on a few fronts (these should be wrapped up in less than two weeks if not sooner for the majority of the 'to-do ' list). It's going swimmingly now with a change of perspective on my part. Everything happens for a reason, and I'm learning more and more to accept rather than groan with irritation when glitches rear their heads. They are sacred glitches after all, and I've learned a whole lot from them this year particularly.

Had a lovely day at the market with the teenager today. Happened across some fly new offerings in the organic section. I'm way hyped to have found Liquid Braggs Amino, Tahini, Seasalt in a huge carton, and vegan baking mixes (we bake from scratch too but it's nice to have the boxed option for lazy moments). The pricing for organic goodies is comparable to the chemical-laden junk being peddled to the unaware consumer nowadays, so I'm counting the green blessings.
I still plan to start an account with though.

(Pardon the pic quality. The camera's on its last leg...)

Mass Meditation still takes place every month on the 3rd, 12, 21, and 30 if you didn't participate yesterday. I usually add a reminder but didn't prepare one in advance to post yesterday. Maybe I should add a button to the sidebar, just in case?

This month's affirmation is:
I am capable. I accept my challenges with strength. I belong.

(Always remember how much you matter).

May's totems are: The Wombat and Ruby


A digger, Wombat guides us to dig beneath the surface to acquire needed resources for change. Dental hygience is also an important focus for people with this medicine, as is balanced diet. The wombat has sturdy legs symbolizing the importance of a stable foundation. They stand their ground in most situations, and are very difficult to intimidate. These are determined and industrious creatures who make good use of their large brains. Wombat is a guide that asks you to wake up to your gifts and utilize your willpower practically. They have strong hearing and sight, symbolizing psychic gifts. Those with this medicine are reminded to honor their truths and not be intimidated by others. Wombat can play for very long periods of time which reminds us to play our way to enlightenment, and reach out to grab what is rightfully yours.


A stone often reached for in royal circles, Ruby is an energy booster that is also said to stimulate our creative capacities. It can alleviate blood disorders and poor circulation as well as treat arthritis.
It's energy lifts spirits and encourages self confidence for those struggling with poor self image.

Join us:

Please join us on the 19th for a Day of Blogging for Troy Davis initiated by Amnesty International, and on the 27th for the Am I Not Human campaign. You're voice is strong and you are appreciated.

PurpleMag issue 7's print issue will be available very very shortly. I'm awaiting the proof now from our lovely new publisher * _^

Update 5/11/09):
I'm still waiting...
I'm trying to make the issue as affordable as possible going through this new publisher. If there will be continual hassle however, I'll go back to LuLu, despite their outrageous pricing... Your patience is appreciated.

Shine bright, and thx for visiting.

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