Sunday, May 17, 2009

Mass Intention For The Mainstreaming of Vegan Cheez

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note: Scroll down for updates. This thread will be updated with relevant links and items on the movement to-do list. You can also keep an eye on (searching Friendfeed #vegan and #vegancheez hashtags) or @PurpleZoe tweets if you don't mind twensorship.

Update: Daiya cheez as likely catalyst for mainstreaming of vegan cheez and condiments.

Where's our cheez, Pizzaman?

Vegan Cheezes like Vegan Gourmet (Monterey Jack flvr), and Cheezly to name a few are completely suitable for pizza, and fitting for a large and growing demographic of vegan and lactose intolerant eaters. There are many, many vegans who would order pizza and other dishes made with vegan cheez on a regular basis if only it were made available in local pizza shops and via larger chains.
This is why a mass intention movement is being launched to have Vegan cheez mainstreamed into local pizza shops and markets (my vote is for Vegan Gourmet especially--Easy to obtain for Restauranteurs, reasonably priced and meltable at 450 degrees for pizza and other cheez-based dishes).
Restauranteurs can even make their own. It's definitely doable.

How will we do it, fellow Vegans? We'll utilize the law of attraction. Perhaps we'll even generate a mammoth petition, and/or hold a day, or week of action where we pledge to spend a good deal of our cash with pizza shops and grocers that stand with us). Our efforts are going to be successful, because there's a demand for it. It's time for a more accommodated, mainstreamed vegan experience. We are here to stay after all.

If you're a vegan, the spouse of a vegan who would like to be able to eat at the same pizzeria, an environmentalist aware of the impact of mass animal harvesting on the environment, a lactose-intolerant faux dairy lover, a sympathetic herbivore who consumes cheese, or a warm-hearted sympathizer who sees the worthiness in this plight, please comment or Tweet the link (click the image above to see the original tweet) as a show of support and solidarity.

You can also use the hashtag #vegancheez on Twitter to keep up the momentum of the dialogue.

... And don't fret. Things take time to manifest. When in doubt remember, the seed has been planted in the collective unconscious. It's already a reality there, and will manifest in the physical realm accordingly.

*Raises a green fist*

Frowning non-vegans, yes, I'm serious. Change is good. Roll with it. We might even have a planet to pass onto our descendants changing our habits for the better.

Smiling non-vegans, thankyou for your peaceability.

(This will be updated periodically with relevant links*_^):

- CheezMovmnt: 1st assignment (Creatively visualize or create images of VeganCheez on the shelves of pizzerias&markets #vegan #loa #vegancheez
Fly images may find themselves published in the Fall issue of Purple Magazine
* _ * More on this later. Post your links in this thread or tweet them using the #vegancheez or #cheezmovement hashtags with an @ to @PurpleZoe so the word can be spread.

-Though I wasn't in agony watching the teenager consume 2 slices @ the local pizzeria, it may have inspired the cheez movemnt. #loa #vegan

-Dispelling annoying Vegan Myths

-Plants don't feel pain

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