Friday, May 22, 2009

Blaxploitation with purpose

Brothah Common def earns the fist-raising (of the solidarity variation) for this effort. I haven't been feeling his sonic offerings (or the vibe from which they emerged) for a year or so now but couldn't help smile and offer up the heart glow to this skit. We damn sure need this kind of superhero with current woes *_^

Props to OKP for the intel

Update from the personal file:

The move is slated for completion in early July *_^ A sistah is hyyppppppped and is almost finished wrapping up some needed items on the to-do list. Posts should return with more frequency when this is the case.
I'm in the kitchen conjuring the goodies. Your patience is most appreciated. Expect some appreciable offerings moving forward, especially towards the Fall
* _* You can peep the twitterstream for quick-links to gems run across in the inter-dimensions as well, as I admittedly have a twitaddiction that I am only barely managing.

Shine your light bright, Greenies.

1 comment: said...

Is it just me?? Or is Common kinda sorta fly?? And cute!!