Monday, August 31, 2009

ConsciousInk: Robert Trujillo's Sew Seoulful Zine

Brooklynite and co-founder [Tres] of the Trust Your Struggle Collective and Come Bien Books [ConsciousInk Gem!!!], Robert Trujillo continues to shine his light in social activism and artivism. He recently spoke with the BBC blog founder about his latest zine project Sew Soulful.

He shares:

"Zines have a rich past with both people of color and anglos. In the punk movement you had hundreds of zines based on bands, the lifestyle that traveled wherever the bands did. In the political world of the Black Panthers, Young Lords, even US soldiers rebelling against the Vietnam War you had people handing out small books or pamphlets which contained unorthodox writing, art, cutting, and pasting."

You too can be down with Come Bien Books.
Interested in submitting to a movement for more exposure of underrepresented culture media? Rather than solely talking about it, be about it. Click the links and get the needed intel for your participation in the reshaping of underrepresented communities. If you've got at least 3 pages of prose or poetry in you, and a desire to ensure our youth [especially] have healthy media to consume that represents them, there's no real excuse not to.

images: Mikey Cordero
Props to Blank Bare Clean for the intel.


samax said...

that's my man! Tres is so real it will shock you at first. plus, he bought one of my hoodies and took a pic rocking that joint in times square!

Dazjae said...

Peace ^_^

That's love. I'm hyped about the Come Bien movement. It's all about the coming together of the talents. Without the conscious ones nothing of worth will get pushed forward for the youth.

Shine brightly Sir Amen

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