Thursday, August 13, 2009

Current Indie Pages

Peace Beloved Meta[mind]s *_*

Our lives wouldn't be complete in an Ultraviolet Underground without plenty of independent intel. So from time to time [though we're aware we've been poor updaters over this Summer season] we drop intel on Indie Mags and Blogs we find worthy of your higher-minded consumption.

To peep the offerings from our current list, click the covers below. They link to the current releases of resplendent Indie Mags we know and love (some previews for print mags, some downloadable, and others strictly online). Think we skipped over the flyness you appreciate? Drop links in the comments. So we can peep the dimensions you recommend.

P.S. We, like many of you, are anxiously awaiting GhettoManga's next issue,
and will drop the release info when it becomes available *_^

Honorable Mentions:


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