Thursday, September 3, 2009

Calling our sister Alterna-femmes [and Non-Everymen]*Um-G7cRspyKgSfWTkXKqglpG51P/l_61cc13b53aa842e992717830f6e56fb8.jpg

Peace lovely green-ladies and gents. We're nearing the next release of Purple Mag, and would love to feature a DIY Style Spread for Underrepresented Alterna-femmes. Afropunkettes, Ladies with locs wrapped in Black Rock guitar bows, Femmes of Mythic proportions:
Send up to a minimum 6 images and a maximum of 15 featuring yourself or your model (s) in a visual storytelling excursion celebrating the Alterna-femme to: purplemag at
Indie designers, you're welcome to display your line in the spread, so long as there is at least a subtle storytelling aspect to it. Email w/ any questions.

No worries Alterna-Gents. We are definitely accepting submissions bearing style-spreads that celebrate the underepresented non-everyman. Submissions deadline: Oct 10, 2009. Images not included in issue 8 may be featured in future issues.


Anonymous said...

aw, dang. i emailed you awhile back about upcoming issues but never got a response. i figured you were still getting situated in the new spot. check your email, ms. lady.


Dazjae said...

Peace Queen *_^

My sincere apologies. The Summer was supposed to be freed up but that took place nearing September. Trying to settle in was difficult. A pretty outrageous tenant made it uncomfortable in the new spot for a few of us here. He's being evicted now, and it's a little more peaceful.

I will look for your email, Miss Jackson *_^