Friday, September 4, 2009

ConsciousInk: Excerpt from The Books of Zambarau (Maji Omnibus)

Excerpt from the Novella [in the extras section of the Books of Zambarau- Maji Omnibus]:

Of Kai

lit: Dazjae Zoem

My lips?

Silver Moonfruit.

Not for you.

Never to fill you.

Skin of night am I because I am root of dream, root of life

Waiting for you in my lies.

Rebuking you in my truth

with sore eyes.

I live in my head

The statement is literal

It is why I still live

I have blood-speak with my Mama, and her mama, and hers before hers.

I weave through patterns of genetic memory

to find myself

Knowledge of self is the goal

Didn't you know?

I find thought treasures

to build from them worlds beyond

average comprehension or... your comprehending

You call me autistic?

I am genius.

Yours is the illness

of normalcy and futile war with progress, programmed in your roots

I see everything, and I want less.

Defender of the weak, am I?

No. Uplifter of liberators your mental prison wardens

forbid you acknowledge.

Foolish, blind, labrats!

Shadow reflections!

...Empty roles.

Lying archetypes!

I am Faerie tale.

Phupha, Halfling Elf Child/Human Liquid Mind; Maji.

I free them!

I free them when I find them, and break their enemies.

Perhaps next,

I come for you.

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