Wednesday, September 2, 2009

ConsciousInk: Fallen Heroes, Black Canary, The Way of The Warrior

ConsciousInk: Non-stereotypical [empowering] Modern Myth/Speculative Fiction leaning for underrepresented cultures.

3 more tomes celebrating diversity have been sighted, glinting like gems caught in the sun on a path of books that may or may not celebrate diversity *_^
More details on them are listed below. Click the cover images to purchase.

Fallen Heroes by Barry Nugent

Already being re-interpreted into Comic book form, Fallen Heroes by Brother Barry Nugent is glittering with praise from readers of all life walks. A story about suspicious character who have to learn to trust one another to overcome the chase of Immortals and other threats, Fallen Heroes is considered an eloquent roller coaster ride. We here also it's being optioned for film presentation.

A multi-cultural child finds himself locked into the 1600's where he must finally face the musical gifts he's avoided in the era he was born in. He hopes his activity in the children's choir he's conscripted to for the Queen will help him return to his family and essentially, his life.

Set in 16th century Japan, 'The Way of the warrior' tackles the weighty matters of honor, losing a Family member carrying out their sense of duty/honor, and the Samurai discipline acquired initially for Jimmu's intention to avenge.


Click the images to visit Amazon and purchase the titles, or request them in your library. If they aren't already on the shelves you can request they be ordered, or place a inter-library loan borrow order [usually free or no more than a dollar or two].

Continue to seek intel on releases both old and new in Diverse Media, or as we call it in the Underground 'ConsciousInk'.
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If you know of other champions of Diverse literature please drop the links in the comments so we may visit and spread the word ^_^

Visit the ConsciousInk category regularly for updates, excerpts, release news, vintage finds and overall intel on Diverse Media for underrepresented cultures and the folks who appreciate them.

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