Monday, January 25, 2010

Digital Gems- The DollDaze, JDavey

The heart swells for the ether-blessers we take in with grateful sighs, whilst gems of the Purple variation gleam, mid-polish, in the lab.

TheDollDaze, my new sonic superheroine's current EP has me singing along, on the regular [in public, no less, without qualm... which is something given my tendency toward humming in the shower]. The chic is a superstar [those who caught the earlier txt stream already know my opining regarding her].

Also recommended, JDavey's gratis Boudoir Synema, currently highlit in the halls of URB ALT courtesy of the Maestro Boston Fielder.

Click the covers to partake of the sonic blooms ~~~*

1 comment:

Otherwise known as Gingivitis said...

WHAAAA?!? Where's she been?! I haven't heard anything from her in almost 4 years. My cup runneth over.