Friday, January 15, 2010

Playing around with a new Greensteam (Afro-Asiatic eco-based steampunk) image... possibly banner material

Peace and glowing salutations heartlights <3

Playing around with an as yet uncolored Greensteam image (above- possibly banner material). More on the way within time-management parameters of course. I'm striving to keep posts coming, as well as maintain at least peek-a-head-in type presence at the beloved social networks; ahem: the legendary BSFS, the newly discovered Steampunk Empire, and the long-time microblog sanity saver Friendfeed...).
A new banner is long overdue (as is a custom layout...). Fingers crossed we'll get these things organized sooner than later. With the digicam transitioned to the next realm we're relying on the local printer to scan images for issue 9 and other projects, while we work on a replacement.

More greensteam is en route.
The Wonderdark review copy is laced with it, for instance (and there are plans for a book 2). Peep some of the imagist-lacing via the wonderpen of dearest Scritch's interpretations of Loomcity, Zambarau.

Don't forget to glance to the left and enjoy the new satellite's Otherbox feeds. We're joined there by the gem-abundant minds of Dollmatic, Bassa Girl, Terry Juku, Sir Robert Trujillo a.k.a Tres, and Plantfolk's Inspired Sis <3

Shine bright


plantfolk said...

i like that image, pz! i'd invite her over to listen to some music :)

eager to see how it translates into the new banner.

btw, thank you for the otherbox/candy anomaly welcome! *still figuring out how things work over there*

PurpleZoe said...


Thx Queen <3
I drew her last night in a fit of frustration with the quality of my visual outpourings as of late. She healed my heart. lol. Now watch me procrastinate like hell with the color. I see so many combinations right now, though I'm pretty much set on blue lips, eyebrows and highlights on the crown. I can't decide if her frock coat should be red or purple... Not sure about the tones of the machine...
I'm letting her gestate a little to see if she spreads her wings into a banner.

'Tis an honor to have you among the Candy Anomalists at Otherbox. Tumblr can be a little... different at first.
I usually use the text option for most posts, and click html to add image tags. I hope they'll make it a little less outdated post-screen wise to be honest, but for now that works more easily for me.
Cutting and pasting reposts from UU has worked over there, but doesn't in all situations (video doesn't always work as a cut and paste like it does on blogger platforms).
Drop me a message if I can help navigate. Tumblr's diggable for the community factor, and the wonders that pass through it and are passed along from time to time. Fingers crossed they upgrade their blogging options soon-like.

Shine bright Inspired 1