Monday, January 11, 2010

The new Otherbox feed

Peace Heartlights *_^

We're experimenting with a new feed for the Otherbox satellite tumblr in the lefthand sidebar. I'll be returning with posts now that the pc glitch has been resolved. This includes the Am I Not Human? campaign post I handwrote but was unable to publish on the 27th of December due to said glitch.

Your thoughts are welcome, and your patience, most definitely appreciated <3

Shine Bright.
More to come.


Immortal: Science Fiction Imitates Life said...

Peace Queen:

Thank you again for the awesome reveiw!! Coming from such a talented artist/writer as yourself I'm truly humbled and honored -:)


Blackgirl On Mars said...

Hey girl,
Wassup? Stopping by, showing love. Happy New Year!
the lab

Dazjae said...


A true pleasure. I look forward to reading the whole series and anything else you write, Queen. Thankyou for the humbling props as well :D

@The Lovely Martian
What's up Chica?! Mirthful 2010, indeed. How's all on your planet? Fabulous I hope.

Shine on