Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Am I Not Human: Haiti needs Doctors, The West Sends Soldiers

To date I still haven't wrapped my mind around the devastation the people of Haiti have experienced and seek to heal from. I've made time for the most part daily to send Reiki, prayer, and love over the ethers, hoping it makes even some difference to my human/Haitian siblings struggling to meet the terms of survival in a land impoverished by colonialist agendas and unjust debts, and now the addition of a new highly suspect military occupation it's claimed has arrived to 'help' control lawlessnes and such, when in reality, true help would be medically-related, food-related, etc...

I don't believe in military-occupation. Depopulation-101 tells us historically that most of the 'rebel-based' wars and chaos have been funded by Western interests, no matter who they are able to talk into selling their souls to carry out 'the deeds'. String-pullers are stringpullers.
Our president has even called on historical enemies of Haiti (with serious emphasis on Clinton's past actions) for 'help' (what kind of help, we don't know), which further insults what the survivors of this devastating earthquake --that we're still not sure wasn't influenced by military-drilling/ HAARP 'testing' in the Caribbean-- have in front of them to endure as it is, without the addition of greed/cruelty-influenced interference.

To avoid the crippling kind of anger, I've chosen to look at this as a further opportunity for the world's common-folk to open their eyes to the realities that surround us. If I allow myself to become discouraged, or deeply cynical, my energy will mean nothing in a world that needs folks to shine their lights.
The simple act of refusing to face chaos/hidden chaos-stirring at the hands of government with naive eyes can be the only reason these lessons are appearing on such a large scale.

I won't lecture on the importance of doing something. You already know the importance of action. I will instead hope that you keep your mind open, if it isn't already, to the possibility that very sinister plans are at work to further destabilize Haiti, and keep in mind, voices that refuse to turn a cheek, and know the power of raising awareness (especially when awareness goes viral) can change the world, and in this instance mean the world to the reconstruction and healing of Haiti.

For my human siblings in Haiti struggling to survive, now faced with the concerns a Western military presence poses, while Doctors and aid have had a hard time getting their goodwill to the survivors they wish to extend it to... I ask:

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