Thursday, February 25, 2010

Audiovisual Splendor: JahJah Muldrow, Fonzworth Bentley, SelahSay, Nikki Lynette, Rita J, Peekaboo Theory, Erykah Badu, Micah Gaugh, Gypsy Flesh

A few of these you've seen by now, but the HighEther's so bright it bears late posting. There are a few more recent releases by previously favored artists that are sadly... none too appetizing to the ear (not naming names) so we left them out. Enjoy *_^

note: Really been disappointed in HipHop offerings (with the exception of a golden few), 'twas a pleasant surprise to find so many femcees keeping the art... state of the art. Damn shame they're underreported.
The plan is to note all past Ether offerings from UU/Purple and create a site playlist for easeful location of the Sonic Blooms. Bear with the site re-vamp taking place slowly but surely ^_^

If we've missed indie gems you feel are evidence of the necessity of an Indiestream let it be known.

Fonzworth Bentley- Fireside Chat

Georgia Anne Muldrow- Roses

Lady Muldrow is one of the few artists, that has made my chakras react. The heartglow is literally engaged listening to her. I feel the expansion in the Anahata.

Selah Says- I Really Like You

There's something infectious about Selay Says, that caught me listening to her DIY effort, that inspired a craving in me for more. I highly you peep the Youtube channel. There are more gems. The girl is fabulous.

Nikki Lynette- Don't Say No

Rita J- No Regrets

More here, here, and here.

Peekaboo Theory- Immediate Hesitation

Erykah Badu- Jump in the air (Stay There)

Micah Gaugh- Lightskinned
note:This released awhiles back but most of y'all do't know abut this cat and should. Enjoy the clip.

Gypsy Flesh- Just Say
(This Queen's flow is proper)

Audio Splendor:

Couldn't not share these. They're audio with an image or two strictly.

SaRoc- Exhibit She

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