Saturday, February 27, 2010

Chileans, our hearts are with you.

image: Webgem via Urban Data twt

Our condolences to the families of the victims, and citizens who've lost their homes, and possessions.

Sending #Reiki/affirming high thoughts.

We've been receiving wake-up calls to be vigilant and prepared:

Dehydrate foods in your oven (with slightly cracked door on 140-170 degrees for 8-12 hours) so they can remain non-perishable. Have a few emergency packs prepared (in case you can't get to one), so you have flashlights, iodine tabs to de-contaminate drinking water, non-perishable dehydrated foods (mushrooms, onions, cabbage, kale, nuts... the greener the better-- blanching them before dehydrating helps to keep them decontaminated), thick blanket/long coats in cold climates, tents (if you're able), a copy of The Art of Shen Ku (HIGHLY recommended).

It doesn't cost alot to set aside items we might desperately need.
Spread the word.


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