Thursday, February 18, 2010

Inside Issue 9: Etheric Grace a.k.a Black Rock Royalty

We hope you enjoy this new 'sneaks peeks' feature for our print-only preferring readers. In this particular peek, we bring to your attention Issue 9's applause for high etheric lenses.
Music has found itself at a despairingly low-level of innovation,in mainstream circles. The usual titans, who are a kind of above-ground underground even still (Badu, Mos Def, The White Stripes, etc), continue to bring etheric gems, but the under-whelming majority bring carbon copies of carbon copies of carbon copies, which offer up zero flavor and inspiration. In reality.

Purple Mag's launched the #NonEveryPersonSuperheroes hashtag/column to highlight those (among artists/artivists of all mediums) worthy of cataloging as saviors of the arts/society with their unique approaches.

Issue 9 features two in that column, and caught up with one belonging in that column as well for a Q&A.

We'll take a look at these phenoms one by one in the order they appear in the issue.

Saidah Baba Talibah blew me away when I happened upon her Afropunk page, and pressed play. The siren is nothing short of amazing. Her voice alone innovates, and her DIY approach to overstanding production challenges, sparks the heartglow fer sures (see page 24).

CaliforniaKing are true favorites. Listening to Adoration of The Boogie Bear EP, was like opening a faerytale (for adults of course). They paint the ethers with melancholic pastels, drawing us into the wakened, and in parts lamentful heart of the fantastic, bringing a necessary presence to BlackRock and Afropunk (see page 26 for more on these etheric anti-villains). Their album approaches in the warmer season *_^

Trezure the Empress, truly a candy anomaly, is a bright, beaming answer to the on-repeat lack of brilliance scratching its head wondering where it left itself. Rather than flaunt a glowing intelligence in arrogance, she shows and proves, approaching her craft as a cup runneth-over-talent and indie businesswoman, preferring musical innovation over image, while still extending the pretty picture musical audiences are conditioned to expect. Delightful brilliance, this one, extending words that are well worth the read (page 47).

Next in the 'Inside Issue 9' feature line-up:
Dwayne White, Keeper of the Waking Dream Lense.

If you're of the .pdf loving crowd and haven't downloaded Issue 9 yet, you can do so here.

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