Friday, February 19, 2010

Inside issue 9: Dwayne White

Peace Heartlights

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Finding the Bliss Lense is the second in the Dream-Definition series, bringing the focus of how we direct our vision, to the fore. In the first Dream-Definition issue (8) 'Make Yourself', the key focus was drawn to two defining practices: Defining (what we want/want to be) and Allowing (allowing ourselves to move towards the realities we've defined for ourselves/allowing reception of our interests).
Issue 9 highlights the 3rd aspect of the process: Develop your own positive perspectives (Eliminate Hear-see...see your own reality). How better to be able to spot the buds of your beautiful internal blooms, than with a lense unclouded by earlier conditioning? How better to be able to clearly spot the opportunities your definition and allowance have embraced and attracted into your sphere of availability? If we rely on old lenses that see lack and expect no opportunity or improvement, it will be very difficult for us to manifest the dream-realities of our new determined visions.

Dwayne White is definitely one who knows a thing or two about seeing with one's own lense, rather than an inherited/conditioned one. He's graced our humble mag in this issue (check also the out-of-box issue feat. URB ALT) with images (starting on pg 36) that we feel speak volumes about his sense of adventure, and simultaneous embrace of the fantastic in what some might consider ordinary. His lense brings out the stories, the neglectful lenses of others would probably never spot.

The lovely CaliAfrican (a.k.a Beya T. Pasha) describes him this way:

With pure spontaneity, Dwayne C. White's camera lens captures life in his home town of Milwaukee. It gives us a distinctive look through his perspective and imaginative style.

His lens becomes an eye to what is often overlooked or unnoticed in our everyday lives.

His ability to identify the glory in those things, people, and places cast-aside, is remarkable and the first thing partakers notice in his work.

It's an honor to feature him.

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