Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Truly Melty Vegan Cheez?

Yes. It's arrived and apparently restaurants are stocking it (see above photo... Teese can't compete with that).

The movement lives . With a product like Daiya cheez, the mainstreaming of vegan cheez and condiments like Vegenaise and Vegan coffee creamers/various creams will be here before we know it. I've been doing my visualizing, but it will be much easier to envision easily available cheez products now with Daiya on the market. Putting together sample kits to bring to local pizzerias and markets will be very easy now.

For now you can order it at or visit the website for more intel here.

I haven't tried this yet, but I do intend to return with a review after the move *_^ I have a few reviews to impart to you green lovelies actually (like Bayou, Ancients&Immortals, Vegan Guide to the galaxy, The Ecstatic [a born classic], and the list goes on....), just after I get some of these recent challenges squared away *_^

Shine your beautiful lights and join me on for more goodies (
At the very least Friendfeed will back up your Twitter entries. We all know Twitter isn't stable, even if you can deal with the censorship. It backs up many other streams as well). With custom backgrounds added they will do very well.

Thanks Happycow for the intel.


plantfolk said...

friendfeed,eh? how do you do it sis? you're on every social networking site that i can think of and are still able to maintain your sanity. ;-)

thanks for the quick mention of the new mos. i'll be picking that one up soon.

and the cheese looks yummy but i wonder if the ingredient listing looks just as good (read. are there any weird sounding ingredients? xanthum gum anyone?) ?

keep up those visualizations...

PurpleZoe said...

Peace Queen *_^

lol. Alot of the ning networks I haven't visited in a minute. I dig the microblogging concept though (sans the censorship Twitter exhibited this past week --- more on this later). can post from all of the microblogs (Twitter, and etc), blogs, video, and photo sites (there are more options) all in one feed so it's ideal for using it as my main personal site right now. Good backup for Twitter's instability.

I contacted Daiya to request review samples, so I'll let folks know how if it's as dreamy as it looks. I have a dairy eater in the house who can speak his opinion as well to whether or not it tastes/feels authentic.
The ingredients seem to be decent. Pea protein (Blended peas w/cilantro, salt and optional other seasonings is cheesy--- figured this out by accident in the kitchen), but it's devoid of soy ^_^

I have high hopes this will change the face of veganism for reals. We'll at least be able to get a decent pizza at more places if this is as good as it looks.

Hope all is bliss on your end, Sisterstar.