Friday, December 28, 2007

The Black Pharaohs

Based in modern-day Sudan, Kush was an ancient kingdom that flourished for 3000 years.

As befits their vocation, archaeologists sometimes come across as dry and dusty. Not here. "Exciting? Yes, I haven't slept for two days," says a French excavator.

In 2002, Dr Vivian Davies of the British Museum made a find in upper Egypt that, according to this BBC documentary, "turns our view of history on its head". "Guess what we've got here," Davies says, examining an ancient inscription by torchlight. "We've got an invasion of Egypt by the kingdom of Kush."

The kingdom of Kush? Based in modern-day Sudan, Kush was an ancient kingdom that flourished for 3000 years. Initially Egypt and Kush were friends, partly because the pharaohs had such a fondness for Kush's gold. They liked to be buried in the stuff. As you do.



Yobachi said...

Are you familiar with the pyramids in the Sudan that are just as old (if not older) and as grand as the ones in Egypt.

Not that western society (ie white people) make no mention of their existence while highly lauding the ones Egypt. Why?

It's simple. There's no way white people could even try to claim acient Sudan as white as they do with ancient Egypt do to it's locations. So since they claim credit for those pyramids like they've stolen credit for the ones in Egypt; they just simply pretend like the they don't exist.

PurpleZoe said...

I didn't know that but I'm not surprised and agree with your reasoning. Those Europeans who do acknowledge true history aren't usually given any airplay or media exposure by their racist counterparts.

The truth is definitely emerging though.
I read something last year about the discovery of the hidden scrolls in Timbuktu that prove the Motherland's scholarly past as either preceding or equaling that of other cultures...

Also,have you seen the BBC documentary 'When the Moors Ruled England?'

Highly recommended.
It actually admits that they wouldn't have had a renaissance without the influence and education brought by the Moors.

Thanks for the review at Blog Catalog by the way. It's truly appreciated ^_^

Have a brilliant New Year if we don't connect before then, Yobachi.