Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Crystalheads- Empath School

I am NOT a fan of Yahoo's privacy/property infringing flow.
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I am a fan of information, and ran across a school formed via a Yahoo group (which sucks...hopefully they'll migrate to Google groups). Enjoy a snippet of their description of Empathy and peep the school via the link below.

Overview of Empathy
Empathy is the ability to experience the feelings of others. This may
occur naturally during conversation or at a distance.

Empathy goes beyond body language, gestures and tone of voice.
Empathy extends to telepathy and other psychic abilities. Empathy is
a common ability shared by everyone to some degree.

Spontaneous Empathy
Many people use empathy naturally with close friends, family members
and others. We often feel when others are in trouble, stressed and

Controlled Empathy
Practice and training will improve empathic ability. Instruction
allows use of this skill whenever desired. Empathy provides
information needed to function competently in complex situations.

Empathic Connection
Form rapport to fully feel and understand motivations and intent of
others. This interface allows a constant interchange of energy
between each other. This connection will grow and strengthen with
compatible interchanges.

For more Visit Empath School

Another extremely slick link that describes Empathy

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