Friday, December 7, 2007

We Become What We Ingest

Ensayn reality posted a fantastic blog about the effects of the toxins purveyed to the masses via corporate food chains. His post touches on the reality that we take on the characteristics of what we eat. For meat eaters this means the blood/dna of the creatures ingested contribute to the manneurisms and thoughts they will come to grow into. Before liberation is possible we will need to get in touch with our hearts and minds. Clearing out the cloud of toxins our bodies and minds have accumulated, as well as the habits that initially invited the poison clouds of confusion becomes imperative to freedom (Freed 'OM).

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"Work. Live. Repeat." - Sky Sister said...

I;m not a vegetarian, but I do agree with the gist of what you're saying - I'm a fan of organic foods and I'm working on embracing the whole's good that you're bringing more attention to this!

PurpleZoe said...

Ah thanks for stopping through ^_^
Organic is definitely the way to go. There's alot of information out there, but it can be a gradual process in a society that has conditioned such unhealthy habits for the populace.
Eventually anything we are intent to change becomes a habit.
They say it takes 21 days to create a habit actually.
It took a minute for myself and fam, but now we have the same adventurous excitement towards the taste of vegetables as we would have for something less healthy. It's a trip, but most of what we embrace has much to do with patterned response. The more familiar something is, the happier our psyches are about it.

Femigog said...

YES! Fast food is truly our nemesis! I went to organic foods a few years ago when I was vegan and then I fell into my bad habits again. I am finally vegetarian again and completely organic and I have never felt better! Thanks for leading me to reality's post!
I love PZ

PurpleZoe said...

And I love me some Femigog.

I feel you with the relapses.
I'm not gonna front, I have an order of fries every now and again but try to balance it with more intake of organic fruits and veggies. It's a learning process, and definitely takes time to return to first nature.
A friend of mine was also mentioning the value of detoxing at least once a season (even if we're eating healthy there are still the poisons in the air and water to cleanse from our bodies).
I use detox tea with dandelion, and have done some of the juice fasts, but after this friend advised her naturopath says parasites are the cause of disease, detoxing becomes more of an imperative thing. Beyond the usual products, I hear colloidal silver when prepared correctly can be a great help ridding the body of poisons. All in all a toxic body is a toxic mind/consciousness.
If it weren't for my son I may not have woken up to the importance of what we take in beyond theory to put it into action.