Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Indiefied- Othello

Othello has a smooth swagger, and a vitality to his lean that intrigues.
An obvious thinker, he has no need to boast or take an arrogant stance, to attract attention. To the contrary he presents an example befitting of one who knows the difference between boyhood and what manhood is at its root in strength. All this while somehow retaining a playful, energetic flow that coasts atop the slick beats gracing his album Alive.
Most of the ladies who've regained their minds (or never lost them) are checkin' for the cats that can appreciate the value of an active neo-cortex in harmony with the soul.
Othello more than provides this demographic with incentive to reach in their purses.
In addition to this he gives the brothahs who already know the time, and the brothahs wise enough to abandon the path of destruction, music that will help create new synapses rather than destroy them.

F--- a pimp cup.
This music is for Kings.

Peep the lush realm of Othello


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