Thursday, December 20, 2007

Indiefied- 88Keys Has Laced Tracks For Mos, Talib... Why not yours?

Rhymespitters, Songbirds, Beatboxers, Flutists and etc...
Individuals interested in the production mastery of 88keys might find a collaboration possible.
Don't you just love grassroots? Hit his Myspace (below) with a message for more information.

88Keys says:

I'll be making beats for a limited time only for those who'd like to f--- with me. Finishing up my album is pretty much out of my hands @ this point. I'm just waiting on 'a little help from my friends' who all have major projects they're working on &/or busy schedules so, in the meantime out of sheer boredom & itching to make new s---, I'll get @ you with some real quality material. Oh & don't worry... I'll click the "off" button on my 3000 before I'd allow any weak beats to seep through the cracks so no 'b- or c-lists' beats will make the cut.

-88-Keys of Locksmith Music, Inc.

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