Wednesday, December 5, 2007

A Word from Urb Alt

Hola, All

MuthaWit is at it again!

This time out the box we're musically supporting primed for the bigtime producer/songwriter/performer, Jneiro Jarel. Anyone familiar with the world of alternative music is very excited about Jneiro's work among the circle of artists such as Gnarls Barkley, MF Doom, Dangermouse, Goodie Mobb and Big Boi(Outkast). Jneiro is signed to music powerhouse, Lex Records, out of the UK and the push to make him the NEXT is underway. MuthaWit is happy to be a major part of making that a reality. Our involvement pretty much insures that it's going to be a very unique affair. Come out to the Knitting Factory Thursday night to see how it all fits together. The particulars:

Jneiro with MuthaWit (also on bill Heavy, The Boys and Girls Club)
12/6/07 at 8pm
Knitting Factory
74 Leonard Street
$5 advance(
$10 at the door

This is Jneiro's first major NYC performance so the excitement is high. Please share this experience with us.



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