Thursday, May 27, 2010

Am I Not Human: Questions

I've been having discussions lately about humanity, needed anti-violence police to safeguard our communities, the practical applications that have yet to be revealed for community safety, and the needed healing return towards the peace consciousness of the ancient matrilineal cultures.

Utilizing positive-thinking/dreamvision ('I-am-human' affirming) for a loving peaceful world at least once monthly and raising awareness through the 'Am I Not Human' campaign are two efforts, but solid brainstorming is needed on how we can assure community safety and stop the terrorizing on our streets by the police in the force who desecrate their oath to serve and protect (would be very helpful I imagine, if officers who do uphold their oath would speak out against police brutality as well, just as I hope any group placed in a position of power privileged by Western society would speak out against those in their group abusing power, to take down the us/them barriers something serious) and those without power, trying to create power through non-privileged criminality aided no doubt by poverty and stereotype.

War makes more war, and pacification encourages arrogance in the pacified. We know we can't continue with those approaches and see anymore change for the better in the world than they've already failed to influence. If we call for cameras everywhere, we aid big brother's orwellian dream (though I still believe officers should wear cameras that are accessible by community watch and grassroots orgs as a safeguard against police brutality- a suggestion made in the Afrospear sometime ago).
There are always solutions, if there are problems. But it will take dialogue, and interest in finding those solutions for real, coupled with the hardwork of putting them into action. It starts with questions. If we're serious, we'll find the answers.

Golden Maat and the facilitator I spoke with where I live raise points about humanity.
Golden Maat reminded us in her timeline in recent weeks that we've largely forgotten humanity. The facilitator reminded me police are being trained to regard us as non-human.
In turn the actions of their renegades who end up playing the part of the beast, as they approach our community as if it were full of beasts, has us regarding the police as inhuman. It doesn't work, and is imploding on itself.

We've reached a critical place with the recent slaying by police of 7 year old #Aiyana Jones, in her sleep.

SOMETHING has to give.

I applaud Representative John Conyers for his efforts to launch investigation into this murderous style of policing. I applaud those running this petition demanding release of the tape that will disprove the police-coverup of #Aiyana Jones' slaying. If you haven't signed already please stand for humanity by standing for justice and sign.

On behalf of the innocents being slaughtered by those completely misinterpreting the right use of power. I ask:

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