Friday, May 21, 2010

Innocence targeted by cowards creeping in the night.

There seems to be a trend that must be halted before it grows, of police officers killing people in their beds, and snatching them out of their sleep and lining them up on football fields.
7 year old light, Aiyana Jones was burned and killed in her sleep with this approach to 'policing' this past Sunday May 16, and it's now coming to light that a large group of people found themselves the victims of racial targeting once again in Jena, Louisiana over the summer.
This kind of policing requires no sense of honor, interest in justice, and cannot continue without fierce opposition. The people really aren't going to sit down for this kind of treatment any longer, everyone has their breaking point, and the obvious boiling point is being noticed by those with an interest in actual justice.
It's a great relief to learn that Representative Conyers, is calling for a federal investigation in 'para-military' style policing, the kind of which took the just-budding life of a bright innocent, the members of the nation (that have learned of it with little help from the mainstream media) are still mourning openly.

Please sign the petition demanding release of evidence police have tried to keep from light, in relation to the killing of Aiyana Jones.

Your thoughts, as always are welcome.
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