Thursday, May 27, 2010

Greentongues for Vegan Cheez @ Trader Joe's

I mentioned in the Nanoverse that I spoke with a representative at Trader Joe's who said I'd need 1000 signatures worldwide before they stocked Vegan Cheez like FYH Monterey Jack or Daiya on their shelves.
I asked him if a letter drive would express our desire for accessible Vegan Cheez well enough, and he said it would.

I needed to prepare the full Lunewing Antho release (see sidebar for the link) before moving forward with the request-drafts, and have drafted a template below that you can use if inclined.
A petition page will follow shortly, but in the meantime, if you email Trader Joe's about stocking Vegan Cheez, please drop a note in the comments, or an @PurpleZoe in the bluebird's house within the nanoverse, so I can keep track of numbers when I return to Trader Joe's with the petition :D

Any further suggestions you may have for the Vegan Cheez and Condiment accessibility in the mainstream is greatly welcomed. Drop a line in the comments, @PurpleZoe (I can respond if we're not following each other but I can receive your @ message w/the date you send TJ's the email and jot the info down <3). style="font-weight: bold;">The Letter Template (feel free to use when you email them- customize the areas in red italics):


I'm writing to request the availability of Follow Your Heart-Vegan Gourmet Monterey Jack Cheese, Daiya Cheese, (include other suggestions you may have,) and Vegenaise. These are products I would return to purchase regularly, at least monthly, that I've been surprised to find aren't stocked in your locations. I am located in (______insert your city/region here____), and am relieved to see the awareness of Vegan products that don't contain trace amounts of dairy (such as the rennet in non-Vegan soy cheeses), spreading to markets and pizzerias on the East and West Coast. I love Trader Joe's, and hope to be able to purchase these products in your locations soon.

Please feel free to contact me with any questions, or surveys regarding your placement of Vegan non-dairy solutions.

- (Your name here)


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