Monday, May 10, 2010

The intro to Lunewing is served :D #BlackFaery


Mercury Rx wreaked much havoc, but the layout-faery is still standing :D
We overcome glitches 'round these parts. All fiftyleven of them.
Click the image to enjoy the intro 'Lunewing'. It's a bit view. The link to the second part of the 1st installment release coming in 2 weeks will be added to the description there.
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note: This is just the Beta version. The full release has many more goodies. For now, enjoy the Otherworld Case files herein featuring the works of Miko Dragonfly a.k.a Tonya Moore, Antony Kamau, Keck Mau, C'BS Alife Allah, and yours truly. The paperdoll fae has a few outfits for now, but something tells me she will soon have a companion, and much more in her trunk, moving forward...

Coming up: Valjeanne Jeffers, Bassagirl Osedra, Carole McDonnell, Malon Edwards, Milton Davis, Wamuhu, Noona Aset, and more <3

Keep an eye out also for our call for submissions for the 2nd installment of the Black Faery Anthologies, Greentongue project (for the underrepresented herbivores in the community), and other Purple Mag collective celebrations of various mediums in the new fangled Myth Machina.


Mythwhisperer Valjeanne Jeffers is releasing the third part of her Immortal trilogy this year.

Travelers in Zambarau, anticipate a Wonderdark 'For Conscience' tee in the near future, and enjoy the limited-time public ARC of Wonderdark (incl. the Hivemind paper RPG in the extras section) via Zambarau (click the Wonderdark cover to visit the description page with the appropriate Aether).

Milton Davis' 'Changa's Safari' is for a Summer release. Visit Wagadu for details.

Submit your Underrepresented Speculative intel for mention @ HF and/or Mythseed, here.

Coming soon:

A review of Homeboy Sandman's coming release (#Yay!), and a glowing more <3

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