Sunday, May 23, 2010

What the world needs now...

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Alot of us are finding ourselves at a crossroads, trying to find a way to more closely harmonize the masculine and feminine that have become far too distant from one another (mostly through the beating down of the feminine). We're attempting to make sense of the state of the world, ensure the safety of our communities, knowing well the critical importance that our collective evolution into a higher expression of humanity be focused on with seriousness before world communities decay further, and hoping to find our voices louder than the celebration of animalist media that would have us devolve to the state of thoughtless things run only by the fight or flight mechanism.

None of us have all of the answers. Answers are found by seeking. A wise person doesn't stop learning. And we don't learn without a desire to embrace and stand for life. We cannot stand for life, without keeping love at the forefront of our hearts and minds. Some folks mistake the adrenalin of violence/violence media with vibrance, but it's based on stolen vitality. It's temporal, and hunger-generating. True vibrance comes from love. I'm not talking about romantic love, or pithy notions of it, but actual love, from which courage, generosity and in reality, humanity, are born. Love doesn't run from protecting the community. Love doesn't run from setting proper examples from our children. It remembers their developing minds and what we allow them to be exposed to. The media has a hand in conditioning us to think of love a certain way, our traditions/family rituals/beliefs if we're not careful do the rest of the work. We need to actively to better.
The freedoms we've enjoyed are born of the freedom-fighters, the monks meditating in the mountains, and the like, past and present, who've dedicated their lives to uplifting humanity, inspired by their understanding of love.

I've kicked it with a few folks in one of the nanoverse's more currently popular havens about this (where we certainly need a day of tweeting sweet-somethings to folks for a higher-inspired trending focus that can actually uplift us as a species). Thoughts of utilizing our dreamvision as a group of folks who sign on to envision a loving, peaceful world are budding into something that are likely to make a profound change. The ancient truths 'The Secret' focuses on are real-deal wisdoms. Perspective is everything. Establishing Peace keepers in our neighborhoods, and in sabotaged areas of the 'third world'/redeveloping world are a piece of the puzzle, but the problem at the root of it all is distrust, first of self, and then of other individuals/gender/group/etc (especially in cases where this knowledge was used to trick some of us into turning on ourselves...). Hatred never begins with the other. We turn on ourselves first, often at levels we can't detect well enough to identify. It's beyond time we learn to love ourselves, so we can learn to love one another properly, and function again as a cohesive whole as we've seen in the way of ancient communities who were far more wise than we. Knowing love, we can keep those who refuse to from our communities.

One dreamvision-er has signed on to a monthly effort, thus far. If you're interested and feel you can be seriously committed, drop a note in the comments, or send a shout through the nanoverse. We'll be keeping track of sessions, and possibly group IM'ing to share thoughts, and possible directions dreamvision can take for the collective good (we can also focus it for our personal aspirations of course, but without a collective, there really won't be a personal realm... priority has to be given to the whole foremost).

Something has to give.
At the very root of give is love. We have to get our minds in the habit of seeing this world through a lens of love (not a talky-do nothing lense), that dedicates time to focus positivity, so that in addition to raising awareness about injustice (which is vital to our collective as a species), we are also answering the negativity that's been bred in the world, by those who seek to profit from it, with a much higher energy from a much higher form of beingness.
Thoughts crystallize and become matter. Let's create an abundance of especially beautiful ones to counter the machine's effort to ingrain negativity into way of being.

note: Unlike meditation efforts in the past, this one is a sign-on effort. Everyone involved commits to it, and we discuss our experiences with it, and different methods for increasing flow, and doing more to add positively to our communities.

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