Sunday, May 16, 2010

On child slaying and false protectors

note: This was published on 5/20. The writing of it began on 5/16.

She was a disney-princess loving 7 year old, sleeping in her home. The SWAT team who approached her house with a team of reality tv cameramen in tow, were warned repeatedly that there were children in the house, as they approached the property.
They ignored this.
They didn't announce themselves.
They threw a flash bomb through the window to stun the people inside of the house, and shot into the house through the porch.

Aiyana was burned by the flashbomb, and shot through the neck, before her grandmother made it to cover her.

Her father was made to lay in her blood, I suppose with his hands behind his back, and the police tried to blame the grandmother for trying to cover her granddaughter. They claimed it was a 'tussle with the grandmother' that made the gun go off. The grandmother was in the house when Aiyana was shot. The police were on the porch. How could there have been a 'tussle'?

The police do not want the reality tv footage released.

For justice to be served, it must be released. Your signature is vital. Please sign the petition requesting release of the footage.

Sign the petition.

Spread the word about the slaying of Aiyana.
The Mainstream media cannot ignore a sea of outraged voices demanding protection for innocent children.

Contact the Detroit police and express your feeling on the slaying of 7 year old girl in her bed by police, and police cover-ups, if you are inclined. Some might consider it useless. It's hard to say if communicating with those willing to coverup the slaying of a 7 year old can be productive in anyway, but you can attempt to if you are moved to. Most important, is the petition right now, and spreading the word so there are so many articles, blogs, and etc that the msm has to take this as seriously as it must be taken. The email of the police chief is here: Props to @IamRah for the intel

(I've included further thoughts written over the weekend below. The primary facts are above. The insights I came upon after turning to Higher power requesting it (whatever name you like to use) on long-term solutions is below. I started writing the below account on Sunday, when I heard about the slaying of 7 year old, Aiyana Jones.)

Sitting here trying to process the child-slaying by Police, of #Aiyana Jones, I'm filled with a strange numbness, and waves of tears. I don't know anyone in the community who isn't shaken by this soulless act. My son wept beside me a moment ago (it goes without saying that he's not usually an open weeper, but who can contain tears about this?). We prayed and wept some more. I asked for guidance. Usually I do, but this time I asked for specific guidance. I'm a spiritual woman. Not a religious one. I believe we're given a set of problems that we're meant to solve, either because we created them, or relatives created them, or they are simply there for our soul's growth.

The solution that came back to me 20 minutes after prayer, is simple: If we're going to continue to be assaulted in the black community by those that claim to be protectors of our community, it is indeed time for us to have diasporic police protecting our community from smiling-faced racists.Those who don't understand the importance of this, outside of the community, can call it racism if it makes them feel better, but we cannot have more 7 year old children burned and slain in their beds by police officers. We indeed need our own national council and armed protecting force within the nation. It seems to me we need to take care of our own 'criminal affairs' on our own reserved land in the manner that Native Americans have their own government on their reservations, if police find it acceptable to barge into a house based on a tip that a criminal is there, and burn and murder babies in that house in a slay-first-ask-questions-later fashion.
I never took the word of the government regarding what this country claims to be about, because the facts speak quite differently, but I am certain I do not believe a word government says now. No matter who's in office.
If our President, does not launch serious Police Reform after this incident, I have no further hope for him doing ANYTHING for the Black community, as a Black man, or as someone who will look after the true civil rights of the underrepresented citizens of this country.
This is as honest as it gets. I will not sugar it. You can shut me off, change the channel, etc, etc, but the same problem will loom if no strong resolve meets this obvious call for decisive action once and for all. We need a diasporic council that isn't compromised by folks who feel they have to 'be nice' in talks about justice, and folks who don't have power issues but can be fair, strong, and precise where needed safeguards are concerned. We need a community that won't put off signing a petition, marching, donating, and etc, in favor of what's on tv, or because they think it won't do anything, or because they have 'their own problems'.
There aren't any excuses. You either care or you don't. Care is an action word.
We stand, or we will surely be wiped from existence under this system. Period. Inaction with this matter will cause police brutality to devolve from here. If they can slay a 7 year old daughter in our community, in her bed, and face no repercussions, the arrogance will grow. If you feel it's better for you to do nothing, and wait for God to intervene and save you, consider that assistance comes when we're willing to take action.
Also, how is someone too scared to stand for a 7 yo child, if not for community-self, worth saving?
Answer me that.

Your feedback is welcome.

note: We need to communicate, whether we agree or disagree (without red-herrings, sarcasm, and insult- PLEASE- it does nothing but delay solutions), regardless of our genders, social positions, religions, and etc (ALL of these factors have been used to separate us and nurture rampant confusion in the past which only creates inaction and open-mouthed stupor- we must put them aside and focus on the matter at hand: the safety of our children).

And any who don't deny that outside of the POC community they have been in a system of white privilege whether they asked to be or not, who truly care about the slaying of innocents, and truly see the reality here, your feedback is welcomed.

Condescending posers of any race, you will be blocked and likely put on blast, because I/we am/are in no mood for the nonsense. If you have followed this blog at all, you know I am generally beyond diplomatic,
but I will speak without fetters if you dare insult the murderous death of this child, with patronizing, veiled racial/classist insults. Join the conversation if you genuinely want to see a stop put to this, or find another forum for your thoughts. This forum is anti-racist/pro-being. Period.

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