Thursday, June 10, 2010

6/21 Dreamvision


On 6/21 Sisters @VMay, @YearOfEmpress @PurpleZoe are participating in group Dreamvision. Officially, the date is WorldPeace and Prayer day. Sister @VMay suggested the date, and also provided some gems for folks (see the links below) not familiar with conscious meditation aimed towards a higher purpose.

If you're joining us, drop a note in the comments or @ us and I'll add your name to the list. The hope is to come together as a group of non-anonymous committed dreamvision-ers who will use our glowing domes regularly on some togetherness towards higher purpose. I've participated in anonymous/semi-anonymous Mass Meditations in the past, but without a commitment, not much movement took place. As a committed group of sister-brother lightbeamers, there's sincere belief we can rethink this world into a higher state.
Negative thinking has gotten us here. Affirmative thinking towards the positive will get us out. Keep your eyes open for updates. We're considering holding a kind of Mass IM that day as well, or a Mass text-in (via twitter most likely until a better company for nanoblogging arises) so participators can share random observations, results, and the like.

Links for increasing awareness of your perception power
provided by Sister @ VMay:

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GoldenEm said... #Dreamvision 6/21/2K10

Dazjae said...

Peace :D

Serious synchronicity.Thankyou for posting the link. It is definitely time for this.

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