Friday, June 11, 2010

HighEther: Methuzulah- Kemetic Aha

Sometimes you open your inbox and its filled with so much light, you gently lower yourself onto the nearest chair, and smile stupidly at your good fortune.

My friends, we have been overexposed to the mainstream's mimicry of HipHop's true suns, who would have changed the world long ago, were it not for the lack of control the average person exercises over their attention span (which unfortunately influences their dollar extending hands).

Do not lament.

The geniuses are still with us.

Methuzulah's Aha moments (there are more than one... so much that I'd call it the Aha level of consciousness) have been and are setting the underground alight in tandem with track master sensei DJ Premier, and guest ether-lacers Kam Moye, Dinco D of Leaders Of The New School, Adrift the belle, Akil of the Jurassic 5, Boog Brown, Ekundayo, and a serious many moors of glowing domes.

And even with that being enough, the Kemetic Aha is presently complimentary.

Acquire this blessing for your grey matter @ Bandcamp, while it's still available with your economic condition in mind.

Extreme props to @Methuzulah
This ether stays on repeat.
Thankyou for it.


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