Sunday, June 27, 2010

Notes from the URBALT Fest Launch

images herein: Dazjae Zoem a.k.a PurpleZoe

Unfortunately, the current period has suffered at the hands of unrelenting glitches, and I've learned our video clips from the launch are spotty, and skip (on a digital camera no less...). The imagery captured, from the same camera, is less than stellar. Mind you, we *just* bought the camera at the end of Spring.

Distress, not.

The URBAltian high commander had footage taken, that I am quite sure will make its way to the ning den, in coming days.
You have my sincerest apologies.
Dearling Physique, MiLO, and Muthawit were amazins. 'Twas beauty to behold.

Here are a few live 'tweets' from the Fest Launch, and follow-up texts I was able to transmit amidst, you guessed it, glitches with the G1 *_^ :

Sd cardless @ UA 2010 :( Prevents live imagery, but capturing some stills and vid for later posts.

#Muthawit emerges from non-when, stirring the ethers of evernow, time agents evaded, ancestral moan in visceral fist uprising. #URBALT

Lola,statuesque LadyLore of TransutopicEchoes&melancholic quests 4 silvr seams in heartchambr.Notes spiritdancng Sonicist Mikaels keys #MiLO

#DearlingPhysique says, 'be bigger' with smoldering eye lock and abrupt dismissal. #Gargantuan #URBALT 2010 in progress :d #SwoonEther

Much Later:

*Home doesn't feel like home after leaving the presence of the etheric strongholds & geniuses powering them. #URBALT-ian

Note to Timenots and Other partakers of URB ALTian ether:

If you've been vacationing under your rock again, and haven't taken in the newest treasure on the bandcampian shelf dubbed: URB ALT Sampler Tres, click here at once!

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