Thursday, June 24, 2010

#URBALT ethering continues w/OMG 6/24 & Leila Adu 6/25

A rare opportunity presents itself @ Galapagos Artspace tonight. If you haven't already acquired your pass online via (online discount code: DISCUA), get there early enough to gain entrance at the door for an opportunity to see the high priestess of kittehs and kangols, OMG, the Twin Shadow, the URBALT orchestra, and guests.

Day 4 of URBALT 2010's festival brings the much-awaited Leila Adu's fierce ivory-tickled, ether-stirring, a viewing of UA cinematic debuts Phlo, and Matty's Rocket, and an opportunity to see the Muthawit Orchestra for those unable to com out for the launch (coverage forthcoming w/ video *_^). Tickets available via

Launch note:

If you missed the UA launch's live-'tweets' via the @PurpleZoe account, despair not. They'll be included in the writeup with audiovisuals in tow, soon-like. On 6/18, Muthawit breached the spacetime-continuum to share several of his spirit-elevating etherlixirs, MiLO inspired a glazing of the eye and several extraconscious swoons over otherworldly ethers, and Dearling Physique's magnani-beinged, wake-infusing dissonance shared vibrations never before felt in a society direly in need of reconnection w/ its nerve-endings. It was amazing, and worth every Subway glitch overcome to get there.
Visit the URBALTian den and peep the magnificence Ed Marshall caught on film.

Further delights:

Enjoy also, downloadable digital-elevations of the UA variation, via the 3rd volume of URBALTian splendor featuring Gonjasufi, Milo, Dearling Physique, Leila Adu & Jneiro Janel to name a high-sparkling few.

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